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PEOPLE.jpgOur career exploration expos are focused on bringing viable options for training, education and  job hunting to the military spouse.  We feel that  the military spouse  is overlooked and needs a venue that is specifically geared towards spouse needs.   By providing training and resources during these events we will be able to help you make an informed decision for your family and future.  You will have the opportunity to speak with employers and educators that are willing to help you meet your goals.

Military Spouse Unemployment Statistics

At Military Spouse Link we are concerned with the ever increasing unemployment rate among military spouses. Difficulty finding jobs is a common problem among the 700,000+ spouses of active duty military service members. The national unemployment rate is above 9 percent.  A recent study by the Department of Defense places the unemployment rate among military spouses at a staggering 26 percent. This number includes both spouses who are looking for work and those who want work but have given up the search.

"We have a high unemployment rate," says Robert Gordon, head of Military Community and Family Policy at the Pentagon. "At the end of the day, it's a 26 percent unemployment rate; 80 to 85 percent of our spouses want to work. And there are some spouses who are working and want other sorts of jobs."

Here at Military Spouse Link we believe that this rate of unemployment is completely unacceptable. It is our goal to provide military spouses with career training and resource services to assist them in overcoming the many obstacles that face them in their search for meaningful and fulfilling careers.

We have made it our mission to assist in reducing the unemployment rate among military spouses by connecting them with the numerous resources available to them as well as creating community awareness of the issues facing the military family as they transition from duty station to duty station. 

Professionals belong to Professional Organizations

mpra.pngThe Military Police Regimental Association (MPRA) is the Military Police Corps Regiments only professional organization dedicated to communicate the pride, heritage and history of the MP Corps and to promote the Corps’ future for members, family, and friends of the Regiment. The MPRA is dedicated to providing great programs to the military police family.

The MPRA awarded over 100 college scholarships to MPRA family members, and provided over $50K in grants to Military Police Soldiers and their families. The MPRA’s outreach programs have touched numerous friends of the Regiment such as the National Law Enforcement Explorers Academy and the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington, D.C.

None of this is possible without our individual and corporate members help. The MPRA is proud to announce that they have partnered with Military Spouse Link (MSL), as top notch spouse resource organization. Military Spouse Link is an organization dedicated to the support of the military spouse. By supporting our military family we will be able to support the military mission at hand. MSL’s core focus is to assist the spouse in exploring career options or training. The resources provided by MSL will help those spouses gain career knowledge and insight to the changing economic environment. Our goal at the MPRA is to provide great opportunities for the military police family, whether it is college scholarships, benevolent fund assistance or just by linking that MP family to a good organization that can help. Please check out MPRA Online

Becoming a realtor was one of the best decisions I ever made!

cindy.jpgIt can be really hard for military spouses to have a career. Sure, there are plenty of job opportunities but, because of the inherent transient lifestyle of the military family, it can be very difficult to obtain a true career. That is where choosing a career in real estate comes into play.  A real estate career is an attractive career choice for military spouses and family members. The educational and licensing period is reasonable, and military transfers can actually enhance referral opportunities. Military spouses and family members tend to thrive in real estate due to a close-knit military community and the number of social activities associated with military life. “Becoming a realtor was one of the best decisions I ever made!” said Cindy Linder, a career military wife and realtor. “It has afforded me the opportunity to pursue my own career and make a difference in the lives of military families at the same time.” 

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